Well, I do not know about you but when I read something as the following item I just can’t stop worrying. BBC is the source. Canadians have intelligent materials to clothe our bodies that they are not only cool, soft, warm and trendy but they are able to tell us how we feel and help to control our stress, or cheer us up… Jackets, pants, skirts, trousers or shirts, will tell people to calm down, to breathe slowly and deeply thanks to sensors incorporated in the fabrics that will analyze pulse, respiration, temperature and other parameters that could lead to anxiety… Is it not infuriating that we are considered so useless in knowing our feelings that we need to be told by our clothes? Are we not grown up enough to manage our lives without all this paternalism that seems too keen in not allowing us to become adults by making things so easy so we do not need the use of our minds anymore and content ourselves to follow all the carrots we are presented with?

Has not come the time to assert what we believe and behave as independent human beings not manipulated by propagandas of any kind?

People are trying to use materials and fabrics in a way that they pollute as little as possible the environment we already have contaminated so much and suddenly sensors next to our bodies all the time… We must be out of our minds.

Of course progress is necessary but in its name we embrace such a lot of idiocies that there are moments I think we deserve the childish way we are treated


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